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[1.7.3] EasyOres 1.1.3 - Never walk past those diamonds again! [Singleplayer & Multiplayer]

What the EasyOres mod does is light up ores.
Don't you just hate walking past some diamonds because you have no torches left?
That stops today.
EasyOres also works in SMP. Indeed.
It's real good for lighting up caves too - save your torches!

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Break Blocks Faster - Reach Further - Multiplayer & Singleplayer

Minecraft Mod breakSpeed for Minecraft 1.7.3 SMP and SSP

1.) A fully functioning copy of Minecraft and minecraft.jar.

2.) ModLoader Installed and working on your copy of Minecraft.

3.) Drag the .class files from the .zip to your minecraft.jar

4.) Delete the META-INF.




-- [BETA] Shockahpi Compatible Class File --
To use, install the API first, then breakSpeed, then this.

How to use:

-- The reason why the reach is only 1 block farther, is because the current length is the maximum limited by Bukkit.

-- To INCREASE / DECREASE speed, press the + / - keys on your keyboard (Plus to increase speed, Minus to Decrease.)

-- To change the key bindings, open the OPTIONS tab to change them.

-- Just as an fyi, the lower the number is on your screen, the faster you will break blocks.
Where 0.0f is instant and 1.0f is Vanilla speed.

-- To break "unbreakable" materials such as bedrock, increase your speed to 0.0f
(This will instantly break any block.)

-- When using this mod on Multiplayer servers, specifically, Bukkit servers, if the speed is too fast,
i.e. 0.5 and below, the blocks will have a slight lag after you break them, even in some cases
disappearing and reappearing without breaking. To fix this, set your speed to something slower
such as 0.6f or 0.7f.

-- On bukkit servers, a stronger tool, i.e. a diamond pickaxe, will produce less ghosting than something
that is weaker, like a wooden pickaxe.

-- Finally, use some common sense.

What this mod DOES NOT do:

Does not let you inflict more damage.
Does not allow you to hit entities from farther away.
Does not stop plugins / people from tracking you.

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cool cheat mod (not updated)

how would you like a mod that makes all of your tools armor and wepons ncompletely indestroyable and it even works in multiplayer but only for nthose who have the mod(admin doesn't need to install) in multiplayer youn can never have to worry about not being able to get enough materials ton make things that are broken because they dont break your iron pickaxe nwill last you forever your sword will never shatter your armor will nnever crumple